Fairfield County Giving Day

Fairfield County Giving Day

Kids Helping Kids is proud to be a part of the annual Fairfield County Giving Day hosted by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation inspiring our region to raise money for local nonprofit organizations in just 24 hours through online donations.

Event History

KHK started participating in the Giving Day fundraising in 2015.  Its first year participating, KHK raised an impressive $1,300 from only 13 donors.  In the past four years, KHK has placed in the top two with most amount of donors.  Our philosophy is that with a lot of people doing a little, we can make a big difference!


Support KHK on Giving Day!


Be a fundraising CHAMPION for Kids Helping Kids! Set up your OWN fundraising page on our KHK Giving Day profile page. It is quick and easy to do! You can set our own goal, tell a little about your experience with KHK, and easily share the link with your own family and friends on Giving Day. Follow step-by-step instructions here. Or reach out to us with questions any time!

Volunteer for our Notes of Hope service project on Giving Day! Visit our Notes of Hope page to learn more about this event.

Save the date and bookmark this site to make a donation on Giving Day - February 27th, between midnight and 11:59 PM!

Remember to share your fundraising page as well!

For a full list of prize winners visit FCGives.org/prizes

To review the full list of nonprofit fundraisers, inclusive of prize money, view the final leaderboard at FCGives.org/leaderboards.